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Basic Information:

  • Facility: Residential
  • Project Type: New Construction
  • Delivery Method: Design-Build
  • Stakeholders: Owner, End User, Architect, Engineer, VDC consultant, General Contractor, Special Contractor

Project Summary:

Case #3 obtained 'Advanced Practice' under the evaluation of CIFE VDC research team. Though the project did not use a integrated project delivery method, it had a unique project team organization - the architectural design firm is also the owner and the general contractor. This organizational structure facilitates the collaboration between various disciplines. The project has received the following VDC score with a confidence level of 31%:

Key Findings:

The research team has identified the following attributes that lead to the success of case #3:

Planning Area:

  • VDC scope and objectives were documented and shared among multiple stakeholders;
  • Having the project management system interacting with model uses.


  • BIM meeting was held weekly;

Performance Area:

  • Project performance has exceeded the expectation of the team;
  • By using VDC, the team gained a sense of competency.


The following recommendations were given by the CIFE research team based on the result of the VDC Scorecard evaluation: