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Basic Information:

  • Facility: Healthcare
  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Delivery Method: IFOA/PPP
  • Stakeholders: Owner, End User, Architect, Engineer, VDC consultant, General Contractor, Special Contractor, Regulatory Agency

Project Summary:

Case #4 is one of the best practice projects that was scored by CIFE VDC research team. The project team collaborated in a highly integrated manner throughout the entire project, and was able to successfully deliver the project with all the initial goals achieved. The project has gained the following VDC score, which was evaluated according to the documents and interviews of the project team, and has a confidence level of 65%:

Key Findings:

The research team has identified the following attributes that led to the success of case #4:

Planning Area:

  • Clear qualitative and quantitative objectives were established and documented among all stakeholders:
  1. Less than 300 RFIs project wide
  2. 100% cost conformance
  3. Less than 100 OSHPD change orders
  4. At least 10 days faster in OSHPD approval
  5. Less than 2 days response latency
  6. 14% better energy performance than Title 24
  • Using multiple project management systems and having them interact with various model uses;
  • Having part of overhead budget set for VDC.

Adoption Area:

  • Early involvement of multiple stakeholders;
  • All stakeholders are motivated and supportive toward VDC;
  • Project team functioned under the IPD structure, collaboration and BIM sessions were held frequently.

Technology Area:

  • High level and number of application usage.

Performance Area:

  • Performance was tracked at least bi-weekly;
  • The project team was able to fulfill all the objectives, and some goals were exceeded;
  • The project team expressed gratitude toward using VDC.



The following recommendations were given by the CIFE research team based on the result of the VDC Scorecard evaluation: