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The VDC Scorecard research team is led by Calvin Kam, who has years of experience in virtual design and construction and holds a faculty position at the civil engineering department at Stanford University as the instructor of Industry Applications of VDC. The research assistants are the current and former graduate students at Stanford with academic backgrounds in civil engineering and statistics.
Principal Investigator:
Calvin Kam  PhD, AIA, PE, LEED AP
Director of Industry Programs at CIFE, Stanford University
Current Research Assistants: 
Jacqueline Lo, PhD - Structural Engineering and Geomechanics
Former Research Assistants:
Devini Senaratna
Ivan Leung
Amelia Celoza
Min Song 
Julian Gonsalves
Justin Oldfield
Yao Xiao
Catherine Aglibert
Anthony Zara 
Richard Tsai 
Ella Sung 
Linda Brown
Brian McKinney
Michelle Kim
Rith Yoeun
Ali Ghaemmaghami
Mark Soendjojo
Bochen Zhang
Nirupama Kotcharlakota
How You Can Join:
  • CIFE is continuously updating both the BIM / VDC Scorecard Express and the BIM / VDC Scorecard Full versions, with inputs from validation, industry performance, and statistical analysis.
  • CIFE is validating the scorecards with CIFE members and industry collaborators, and anonymous results are posted on this site for the industry. 
  • CIFE welcomes other research and academic use of the VDC / BIM scorecards.
  • For further information, email us at