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Key Findings

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CIFE researchers have validated the VDC Scorecard with more than 100 projects from across different parts of world. The results have provided the project teams with valuable information on their own performance compared to the current industry common practice, and further provided recommendations for them to improve. In addition, the CIFE research team has used the results as a reference to further develop the Scorecard in order to provide the project teams with a more accurate and meaningful metric to measure their performance. For more detailed results, please see: 

Basic VDC Scorecard Results

The 108 projects had an average VDC Scorecard final score  50% (Standard Deviation of 14%). The "Average Confidence" of the projects was almost 40%.

Both Overall and Area-wise percentile based groupings of the projects are given below. Most of the 108 pilot cases were categorized as either Advanced Practice or Typical Practice projects:


The average VDC scores for each of the four Areas and ten Divisions are:


Statistical Methodology

Since 2012, research assistants from the statistics department have joined the research team to conduct statistical analysis. The analysis has been focused on providing information to the research team to:

  • Identify the characteristics of the industry's common, good, and bad practices
  • Improve the effectiveness of Scorecard questions and corresponding weights
  • Improve data organization for further statistical analysis

The statisticians have been employing the following methodology to conduct the analysis:

  • Descriptive statistical methods and graphical methods to identify patterns and trends
  • Non-parametric rand based tests to observe correlations
  • Multivariate data analysis and advanced method to identify more complex patterns