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Key Findings for Project Teams

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Scorecard Findings

The following charts summarize the distribution of the 108 project based VDC Scorecard scores, overall project performance based on the percentile grading system, and an overview of average scores by Area and Dimension with a few interesting best practice results. For more detailed results based on the four VDC Scorecard Areas, please click on the following links:

Project Phase-based Findings

Facility Type-based Findings

Good Practice Examples

The research team has been working on conducting statistical analysis to summarize the good examples as a reference for the project teams to improve their own performance. According to these examples and the projects' current performance, the research team will also create feedback and recommendations for the project team:
  1. Set up VDC related "Quantitative" objectives that aim to improve performance in multiple aspects including cost, schedule, quality, safety, and communication.
  2. Develop general VDC guidelines that can also be adopted by future projects.
  3. Properly select a project management system and utilize its integration features.
  4. Stakeholders should get involved in the project as early as possible and actively participate in decision-making. 
  5. Set up frequent schedules and agendas for BIM meetings and track efficiency such as number of issues being solved.