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Key Performance Indicators

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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Research Findings

The VDC Scorecard research team carried out an extensive analysis using 146 VDC Scorecard evaluations, to understand industry trends and key performance indicators related to VDC performance. Methodologies used to analyse data include Spearman’s rank correlation test, t-contrast test of group means and Cluster analysis. The most important findings of this research are:

  • Tracking and monitoring targets: Planning objectives can be broadly classified into 7 major categories by their purposes: Cost performance, Schedule performance, Safety, Project delivery, Communication, VDC management, and Facilities management. Previous workshop participants ranked the importance of setting objectives in each of the 7 categories. The diagram below shows the inconsistencies between industry requirements and practice. Results from the VDC Scorecard also indicate that AEC projects rarely have objectives in Safety or VDC Management.


  • Trends by year: Number of Cost, Communication, Schedule, and Project Delivery objectives established by AEC projects are increasing. But number of established Safety, VDC Management, and Facility Management objectives did not show significant increase by year.



  • Owner involvement also pushes for more formalized VDC among project participants and stakeholders.