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The full version of the VDC Scorecard consists of 56 measures and the Express Version consists of 22 measures. For a brief preview of the two survey input forms please refer to the following files located at the bottom:

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The Measures

The four areas constitute the organizing structure of the VDC Scorecard.  

  • Planning: This area aligns defined quantitative and qualitative project objectives with desired business outcomes, and to identify standards, technologies, and resources that will be relevant to the project.  
  • Technology: This area evaluates the models and analyses employed by assessing the maturity of the model uses, the level of detail of models across project phases, and the success of integration across technologies. 
  • Adoption: This area assesses the organizations and processes involved in VDC by evaluating the success in aligning stakeholders’ talents, motivations, incentives, and business structures to create integrated teams and processes that support the project objectives across all phases of the project.
  • Performance: This area assesses the attainment of project objectives both quantitatively and qualitatively. 

Errors and Confidence

Like other survey-based assessments, these scores are subject to a number of potential sources of error. Such sources include, but are not limited to, respondents’ bias towards affirmation, atypical respondents, and insufficient interview time. To account for this, the Scorecard also includes a measure of the confidence level, which also employs a percentile-based system. 

Time Taken to Evaluate and other Logistic Details

  • The average interviewing time taken for the Express Version was 4 hours.
  • On average 51% of the measures were filled with certainty.
  • In over 70% of the projects scored, at least both the Architect and the General Contractor were interviewed.

CIFE researchers will continue to employ the Scorecard to collect information that can then be used to validate and refine the Scorecard. This will both help maintain its relevance to AEC professionals as VDC technology advances and forms a basis for future research.