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Typical Practice

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Basic Information:

  • Facility: Office
  • Project Type: Renovation
  • Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
  • Stakeholders: Owner, Architect, Engineer, General Contractor, Special Contractor

Project Summary:

Case #15 was evaluated as 'Typical Practice'. The VDC score is presented below with a confidence level of 29%:

Key Findings:

Case #15 achieved 'Advanced Practice' in planning and adoption area with the following attributes:


  • Number of VDC qualitative objectives were established;
  • Having project management system interacting with several model uses.


  • Multiple stakeholders were involved in decision making;
  • BIM meetings were held bi-weekly.

Case #15 received a very low score in the performance area, mainly because the project team failed to track their performance and therefore did not have solid evidence to measure if they were able to meet their goals. This also results in a powerless impression that the project team felt towards VDC. 


The following recommendations were provided by the CIFE research team in order for the project team to improve their VDC experience and gain a better performance in the future: