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VDC Scorecard

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The VDC Scorecard evaluates the maturity of Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) in practice based on an industry performance rating framework, and measures the degree of VDC innovation in planning, adoption, technology, and performance.  

AEC professionals can use the evaluation framework to track and assess VDC performances of their projects. (For more details about the survey form please click the following: Survey Input Form)



CIFE researchers hope to create a standard and comprehensive vocabulary that allows for objective scoring of VDC in AEC projects and accurate benchmarking of industry practice. In order to accomplish this, researchers at CIFE aim to make the VDC Scorecard 1) holistically assess VDC technologies as well as the teams and processes involved in using them, 2) be of practical use to researchers and AEC professionals, 3) provide results that are quantifiable and objective, and 4) be able to adapt to both different types of projects and evolving industry norms.

Scoring Method

The scoring is based on a percentile system where each project will be assessed against the industry norm and converted into an industry percentile ranking.

The intention of the VDC Scorecard is to build upon progress and accomplishments that have already been made in the field of VDC, leveraging the existing references in the industry. You can view a video summarizing basic features of the VDC Scorecard here.

The Framework

The VDC Scorecard covers 4 areas of VDC performance: Planning, Adoption, Technology and Performance. These 4 areas are further divided into 10 divisions: Objectives, Standard, Preparation, Process, Organization, Maturity, Coverage, Integration, Quality and Quantity. Under each division, there is a total of 56 measures that will be evaluated quantitatively or qualitatively. Furthermore, the VDC Scorecard is being continuously validated and refined with the intent to continuously align with the industry practice.


The Confidence Level

The confidence level is used to communicate the degree of certainty of the VDC score.